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Uganda is amazeballs.  Usually I would kick someone who used the word “amazeballs” square in their amaze-balls, but in this instance the subject at hand, the country of Uganda, is so awesome that it warrants using what is usually a pretty fucking annoying word.

Yes that’s right – this is a big call right now, but Uganda may be my favourite country I’ve ever been to.  Yeah yeah I know, picking your favourite country is an impossible task, like when someone asks what your favourite movie of all time is, and you’re torn between The Godfather and Legally Blonde.  But still, Uganda is definitely (to coin a phrase) “Da Bomb” (so down with the kids right now), and provides a perfect introduction to Africa in that it is, like a hot Asian woman – small but perfectly formed.  You can see the main sites independently within a couple of weeks, although extra time here would certainly not be wasted either.

So what’s Uganda got to offer then, you may ask?  Well straight off the bat, there’s tracking the rare mountain gorilla – Uganda’s primary drawcard, and simply one of the best wildlife encounters available to the intrepid traveller.  If this shit doesn’t make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, check your pulse, you may be deceased homie.  The primate spotting action doesn’t stop there though, with chimpanzees, baboons & a range of monkeys all hanging out waiting to have their picture snapped – Uganda truly is numero uno for primates anywhere on this planet.  Then there’s more traditional wildlife spotting in some immaculate game reserves – I’m talking lions, elephants, hippos, a veritable rolecall of Africa’s biggest & baddest.  Round that out with world-class bird watching, if you’re into that kinda thing, and it would be fair to call Uganda a nature lover’s paradise.

It’s not just David Attenborough-style shenanigans that should draw you to Uganda though – you can experience a typically hectic big African city in the capital Kampala, and get a dose of perspective by exploring Uganda’s tragic recent past – I’m talking Obote,  Idi Amin & co.  You can tackle some grade 3-5 rapids white water rafting in Jinja, just a couple of hours from the capital.  And everywhere you go, you will be treated like a motherfucking rockstar by the Ugandan locals – they don’t get as many visitors round these parts as some of their higher profile neighbours, so you’ll probably be something of a novelty.  And talk about friendly, the people of Uganda are officially the friendliest people on earth as far as I’m concerned, you will never have been asked “how are you???” so many time in your life – believe dat.

So yeah, in case you can’t tell, I’m quite a big fan of this country, so if you’re thinking an African adventure might be on the cards for you sometime soon, Uganda should definitely be up for discussion – you won’t regret it.

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