Travel Photos – a Picture Paints a Thousand Words

A picture paints a thousand words – pretty fucking dramatic title eh???  Anyway, here are some facts.  Fact number 1: I know everybody nowadays has the attention span of a fruit fly, that’s the reality of the internet age, I get it.  I’ve even heard the term “attention economy” being bandied around, like we’re all now living in the “attention economy” where people’s attention is the most scarce of all resources, although I’m not nearly enough of a wanker to use that term myself.


Fact number 2: following on from fact number 1, I know very few of you are actually reading my posts, even though the flowing prose would have you motherfuckers swooning if you gave it half a chance.  But hey, that’s what you get when you’re operating in the attention economy.


So anyway, here’s a selection of my favourite travel photos I’ve snapped all around the world.  They are not necessarily the greatest photos you’re ever going to see, this isn’t National Geographic here people.  But these photos do essentially encapsulate what each of the countries I’ve visited means to me, and these images are seared in my memory like a deranged dairy farmer has taken to my cerebral cortex with a branding iron shaped like Machu Pichu.


Enjoy – no reading required.  Unless you want to know where the pics were taken, that’s listed below, and will require some reading.  Only a little bit though.

Laguna Verde AKA the Green Lagoon, in Bolivia’s Southern Deserts.


La Paz, sprawling capital city of Bolivia, with it’s guardian mountain Illimani behind.

Ancient theatre at Delphi, Greece.

Varlaam Monastery at Meteora, Greece.

Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda.

Sun rising over the Nile in Murchison National Park, Uganda.

Humpback whale breaching like a motherfucking boss, off the coast of Husavik on Iceland’s northern coast.

Grjotagja Cave near Myvatn, north-eastern Iceland.

Machu Pichu, grand finale of the 4-day Inca Trail trek in Peru.

Colca Canyon, with a massive Andean Condor front & centre, Peru.

Lake Bled in Slovenia, possibly the most insanely picturesque place I’ve ever been, like something straight out of a fairytale.