Packing for Travel

packing for travel

First things first – this section of the website refers to the packing of bags, not the packing of fudge.  If you were looking for the latter, you will be sorely disappointed, so stop reading now. However, if you are soon heading off on a big trip & are looking for info on what to take with you, then you are in the right place.

What to pack when heading off on a big trip is a question which seems to come up again & again, with newbie travellers working themselves into a state of mild panic fretting about the horrors that could befall them should they forget that one key piece of kit. Well never fear, travel noobs, in this section of the website the WTF outlines exactly what you should be chucking in your pack before heading off to see the world.

When it comes to packing for travel, one key point that is mentioned in several posts in this section is that you really don’t need to stress too much about forgetting something.  With the exception of a few very specialised electronic or medical items, you will be able to pick up almost anything you need on the road – often at a much lower price than your could back home.  So if you’ve arrived at the airport & realised you’ve forgotten your passport or wallet, then yes go ahead & stress the fuck out.  For anything else, just chill bro, you’ll be able to grab it once you get there.  Relax & enjoy your trip.

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