Iceland Travel

Iceland Travel

While I have many fond memories of my time in Iceland, the thing I remember most strongly is the sheer beauty of the place. If you are the type of person who gets quite excited by scenes of extreme natural beauty, you will probably cream your pants within half an hour of stepping off the plane here.  Bring tissues.

Natural beauty is on display everywhere in Iceland – from the rugged coastlines with the rough seas pounding onto the beaches, to the soaring snow-capped mountains rising up all around the cities & towns.  You will see glaciers & fjords, and if you venture into the rugged interior you can observe the barren beauty of the sub-Arctic highlands.  And you will have never seen so many waterfalls in all your life – picture-perfect Gullfoss is an easy day-trip from Reykjavik, while further flung Dettifoss is the mightiest of all waterfalls in Europe.

But in addition to the more traditional natural beauty offered by the mountains & waterfalls, parts of Iceland are highly volcanic, resulting in a range of crazy natural phenomena.  You’ll see steaming vents, bubbling mud & natural hot pools, lava flows which have resulted in weird rock formations, active volcanoes & crazy coloured landscapes, with mountains in shades of reddish-orange.  All of this gives Iceland an otherworldly feel to it –  is often referred to as a land of fire & ice, which not only sounds pretty damn badass, it is definitely true.

Finally, the icing on top of the delicious volcanically-active cake that is Iceland (???) is that, as one of the safest & most hospitable countries you’ll find anywhere, you can just go ahead & bask in it’s wonders like you have nary a care in the world.  You don’t have to worry about getting mugged or your stuff getting nicked.  You don’t have to worry about the food giving you a dose of the green-apple splatters.  The water is perfectly pure & safe to drink.  The people are friendly & welcoming, and they even all speak perfect English.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love travel to slightly more dubious places as well, places where you have to keep your wits about you, and places where no one can understand a fucking word you’re saying.  But every once in a while it’s really nice to visit a place where you can let your guard down & just enjoy.  Iceland is such a place.


So I would implore you, yes that’s right – implore you, to consider Iceland for your next travel adventure.  Forgive Iceland for giving us Bjork & that volcano that erupted a few years back & fucked up everyone’s travel plans.  Yes both of those things were terrible, but let’s put those to the side now & embrace Iceland for the top-flight travel destination that it so truly is.

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