If you’ve never stayed in a hostel before then you are missing out on a quintessential (check my vocab yo) travelling experience. While your primary motivation for staying in a hostel may be just to get a roof over your head without spending much coin, there is more to the hostel experience than that.


Sign in the very first hostel I stayed in, in Santiago, Chile.  Fortunately they still let me stay here, despite the fact that I am actually a total fuckhead.

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Hostels are the numero uno choice when it comes to accomodation for budget travellers, for several reasons:

1. They are pretty fucking cheap – make no mistake, more times than not, staying in a hostel is gonna be the cheapest accommodation available to you.  Sometimes camping may be an option, which could save you a couple of bucks, but when in doubt turn to the trusted hostel for getting a warm bed & roof over your head for minimal financial outlay (drunk Australians having sex on the bunk above you is an optional extra.  Actually not really optional, you have no choice in the matter).

2. They offer a range of facilities that can make them seem like a home away from home – as amazing as travel is, after days on the road stretch into weeks, and weeks stretch into months, you may start to miss those little comforts of home. You know, chilling out on the couch watching TV with friends, maybe getting in the kitchen & whipping up a nice meal, Facebooking on an actual computer rather than your phone – that kinda stuff.  Well never fear, the humble hostel offers all that & much more, so get involved!

3. They are a great way to meet fellow travellers – even for the most socially awkward travellers out there, staying in hostels makes meeting others easy.  Most come equipped with common areas where you can sit around & have a few drinks & a chat, and given that you already have a shared interest with everyone else there (hint: the shared interest is travelling), the conversation flows nice & easy.  Hostels are especially good for solo travellers, since while this style of travel is great it can get a bit lonely sometimes, so stay in hostels to make sure you don’t end up like Jodie Foster in that movie Nell, suffering from extreme isolation & inventing your own language & whatnot.

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