About the WTF

Why hello there – I am the World Travel Fiend, welcome to my website. This page is all about travel (no shit, right?) and all views shared here are mine & mine alone – however I will fight tirelessly & relentlessly over the internet to prove they are true.



Travel is a subject I feel very strongly about.  I love travel more than almost anything else in the world.  Travel can fill you with joy like you wouldn’t believe, but can also give you a whopping dose of perspective & make you realise just how lucky you are to be gallivanting round the world & doing things others could only dream of.  Travel can make you laugh like watching a Family Guy box set after smoking a doob, and make you want to cry, like waking up hungover & realising it’s a weekday & you have to go to work.  Travel can give you an enhanced appreciation for life, not just your own, but of the 7 billion or so other people who you share this beautiful world with.  Travel is a powerful thing.

Specifically, this page espouses the following:

Travel independently – yeah yeah I get it, you’re heading out on your first big trip & you’re like a scared little chick leaving it’s nest, and you think taking an organised tour would be a nice way to ease into travelling.  But take it from me, while taking a tour is certainly easier, taking the independent route is much much more fulfilling.  On the rare occasion you may need to take a tour (some places are only accessible this way), but at all other times you’re better off going it alone – trust me on this one peeps.

Travel cheaply – it’s simple mathematics: by spending less money each day that you’re travelling, you’ll be able to travel for longer, and end up seeing more of this fucking amazing planet that we call home.  Now everyone has their own limits as to how much they are willing to rough it, but seriously, for the cost of a single night in a fancy hotel you could actually travel for a full week in some countries.  So be honest – do you really need that fancy room with the jacuzzi that shoots luxuriously warm water up your butt-crack, or would you rather drop your expectations of comfort a bit & see more amazing shit.  You’re not in a hurry to get back to your little cubicle with your desk & your computer & your excel spreadsheets are you?

Get outside your comfort zone – no doubt about it, comfort is nice.  But comfort can also be a trap – if all you ever seek is to be comfortable, you could miss out on some of the most amazing stuff life has to offer.  And travel can be a sure-fire way to get your ass out of your comfort zone, stat.  Never been to a country where the people don’t speak English & can’t understand a damn thing you say?  It’s not as daunting as you think, so do it!  Never been sky-diving / bungee jumping / snorkelling with giant sea turtles?  You’re travelling now, so it’s the perfect opportunity!  Never had a three-way with two mid-40′s German guys called Klaus & Meinhard?  You go girl!!!

Keep your goddamn sense of humour – way too many people I meet on the road treat this whole travelling malarky like it’s their job, and forget to loosen up & have some fun.  Yes there are times when a bit of seriousness is called for, e.g. showing proper respect when visiting religious sites etc, but the rest of the time it’s okay to, ya know, actually enjoy the whole travelling experience.  Plus, once you hit the road there’s no escaping the fact that plenty of times things won’t go as planned, and retaining your sense of humour will go a long way towards ensuring you stay sane & live to travel another day.


Anyway, enjoy your time here on the WTF’s site.  And be sure to let me know what you think – I love getting email & comments. Only good stuff though.